Shenzhen AVIC City
Shenzhen, China
Client客戶 AVIC Real Estate Holding Co. Ltd.
Year年份 2013

yU+co.[lab} covered from conceptual design to create multimedia content and spatial layout of this innovative show suite for Shenzhen AVIC City.  A unique geometric pattern is specially created as the critical element of the interior: at the lobby, there is a substantial diamond-shaped installation which can evolve into a ‘cab,’ offering space for the visitor to appreciate the AVIC’s introductory animation.  A hidden entrance unveiled afterward, leading to a chamber housed with a panoramic screen featuring a fly-through animation.  An enormous multi-touch hologram display is set next door, in front of the architectural model that gives further details of the site in a way enhanced with carefully arranged multimedia and lighting effect.  When the show ends, visitors will proceed to the meeting zone by passing through a sample flat of the office complex, also designed by the [lab}.